Waterway Systems
Yangtze River System
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Yangtze River System are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Yangtze River System map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Yangtze River   1   Baoshan   Port of Baoshan
Yangtze River   2   Chongming   Port of Chongming
Yangtze River   3   Taicang   Port of Taicang *
Yangtze River   4   Changshu   Port of Changshu
Yangtze River   5   Nantong   Port of Nantong *
Yangtze River   6   Zhangjiagang   Port of Zhangjiagang
Yangtze River   7   Jiangyin   Port of Jiangyin
Yangtze River   8   Changzhou   Port of Changzhou
Yangtze River   9   Taixing   Port of Taixing
Yangtze River   10   Taizhou   Port of Taizhou *
Yangtze River   11   Zhenjiang   Port of Zhenjiang
Yangtze River   12   Nanjing   Port of Nanjing *
Yangtze River   13   Maanshan   Port of Maanshan
Yangtze River   14   Wuhu   Port of Wuhu
Yangtze River   15   Digang   Port of Digang
Yangtze River   16   Tongling   Port of Tongling
Yangtze River   17   Chizhou   Port of Chizhou
Yangtze River   18   Anqing   Port of Anqing
Yangtze River   19   Jiujiang   Port of Jiujiang
Yangtze River   20   Wuxue   Wuxue Harbour
Yangtze River   21   Tianzhen   Tianzhen Harbour
Yangtze River   22   Huangshi   Port of Huangshi
Yangtze River   23   Lanxi   Port of Lanxi
Yangtze River   24   Bahezhen   Port of Bahezhen
Yangtze River   25   Ezhou   Port of Ezhou
Yangtze River   26   Wuhan   Port of Wuhan *
Yangtze River   27   Chenglingji   Port of Chenglingji
Yangtze River   28   Yueyang   Port of Yueyang
Yangtze River   29   Jingzhou   Port of Jingzhou
Yangtze River   30   Zhicheng   Port of Zhicheng
Yangtze River   31   Yichang   Port of Yichang
Yangtze River   32   Fengjie   Port of Fengjie
Yangtze River   33   Wanxian   Port of Wanxian
Yangtze River   34   Fuling   Port of Fuling
Yangtze River   35   Chongqing   Port of Chongqing
Yangtze River   36   Luzhou   Port of Luzhou
Yangtze River   37   Yibin   Port of Yibin
Yangtze River Delta   1   Nanhui   Port of Nanhui
Yangtze River Delta   2   Chuansha   Port of Chuansha
Yangtze River Delta   3   Shanghai   Port of Shanghai *
Yangtze River Delta   4   Fengxian   Port of Fengxian
Yangtze River Delta   5   Songjiang   Port of Songjiang
Yangtze River Delta   6   Jiading   Port of Jiading
Yangtze River Delta   7   Qingpu   Port of Qingpu
Yangtze River Delta   8   Pinghu   Port of Pinghu
Yangtze River Delta   9   Kunshan   Port of Kunshan
Yangtze River Delta   10   Suzhou   Port of Suzhou
Yangtze River Delta   11   Huzhou   Port of Huzhou
Yangtze River Delta   12   Lijiaxiang   Port of Lijiaxiang
Yangtze River Delta   13   Xiaopu   Port of Xiaopu
Yangtze River Delta   14   Sian   Port of Sian
Yangtze River Delta   15   Yixing   Port of Yixing
Yangtze River Delta   16   Haian (Jiangsu Province)   Port of Haian
Yangtze River Delta   17   Yangzhou   Port of Yangzhou
Yangtze River Delta   18   Dongtai   Port of Dongtai
Yangtze River Delta   19   Xinghua   Xinghua Harbour
Yangtze River Delta   20   Yancheng   Yancheng Harbour
Yangtze River Delta   21   Jianhu   Port of Jianhu
Yangtze River Delta   22   Binhai   Port of Binhai
Grand Canal of China   1   Jiaxing   Port of Jiaxing
Grand Canal of China   2   Wujiang   Port of Wujiang
Grand Canal of China   3   Yangzhou   Port of Yangzhou
Grand Canal of China   4   Huaian   Port of Huaian
Grand Canal of China   5   Huaiyin   Port of Huaiyin
Grand Canal of China   6   Pizhou   Port of Pizhou
Grand Canal of China   7   Xuzhou   Xuzhou Harbour
Grand Canal of China   8   Tongshan   Port of Tongshan
Hangzhou Bay   1   Zhoushan   Port of Zhoushan
Hangzhou Bay   2   Beilun   Port of Beilun
Hangzhou Bay   3   Ningbo   Port of Ningbo *
Hangzhou Bay   4   Zhapu   Port of Zhapu
Hangzhou Bay   5   Ranlishan   Port of Ranlishan
Qiantang River   1   Zhoupu   Port of Zhoupu
Qiantang River   2   Hangzhou   Port of Hangzhou
Qiantang River   3   Xiaoshan   Port of Xiaoshan
Huai River   1   Bengbu   Port of Bengbu
Huai River   2   Huainan   Port of Huainan
Gan River   1   Nanchang   Port of Nanchang
Gan River   2   Ganzhou   Port of Ganzhou
Han River   1   Xiangfan   Port of Xiangfan
Han River   2   Zhongxiang   Port of Zhongxiang
Xiang River   1   Changsha   Port of Changsha
Xiang River   2   Xiangtan   Xiangtan Harbour
Xiang River   3   Zhuzhou   Port of Zhuzhou
Xiang River   4   Xintangzhen   Port of Xintangzhen
Xiang River   5   Hengyang   Port of Hengyang
Zi River   1   Yiyang   Port of Yiyang
Lishui River   1   Jinshi   Port of Jinshi
Yuan River   1   Yuanjiang   Port of Yuanjiang
Yuan River   2   Changde   Port of Changde
Jialing River   1   Beibei   Port of Beibei
Jialing River   2   Hechuan   Port of Hechuan