Waterway Systems
Elbe River System
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Elbe River System are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

Use the Port Index link on the left side menu to view an alphabetical list, by country, of the ports on the Elbe River System.

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Port icons are color coded by waterway                     

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Elbe River System map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Elbe   1   Cuxhaven   CuxPort
Elbe   2   Brunsbuttel   Port of Brunsbuttel *
Elbe   3   Ostermoor   Port of Ostermoor *
Elbe   4   Brunsbuttel   Elbeharbour
Elbe   5   Gluckstadt   Port of Gluckstadt
Elbe   6   Butzfleth   Port of Butzfleth
Elbe   7   Stadersand   Port of Stadersand
Elbe   8   Hamburg   Port of Hamburg *
Elbe   9   Wittenberge   Port of Wittenberge
Elbe   10   Magdeburg   Port of Magdeburg
Elbe   11   Dessau-Rosslau   Port of Dessau-Rosslau
Elbe   12   Wittenberg   Port of Wittenberg
Elbe   13   Dresden   Port of Dresden
Elbe   14   Usti nad Labem   Port of Usti nad Labem
Kiel Canal   1   Brunsbuttel   Port of Brunsbuttel *
Kiel Canal   2   Ostermoor   Port of Ostermoor *
Kiel Canal   3   Rendsburg   Port of Rendsburg
Kiel Canal   4   Holtenau   Port of Holtenau
Kiel Canal   5   Kiel   Port of Kiel *
Havel   1   Havelberg   Port of Havelberg
Havel   2   Rathenow   Port of Rathenow
Havel   3   Brandenburg an der Havel   Port of Brandenburg an der Havel
Havel   4   Potsdam   Port of Potsdam
Havel   5   Oranienburg   Port of Oranienburg
Spree   1   Berlin   Port of Berlin
Mittellandkanal   1   Osnabruck   Port of Osnabruck
Mittellandkanal   2   Minden   Port of Minden
Mittellandkanal   3   Hanover   Port of Hanover
Mittellandkanal   4   Hildesheim   Port of Hildesheim
Mittellandkanal   5   Salzgitter   Port of Salzgitter
Mittellandkanal   6   Braunschweig   Port of Braunschweig
Mittellandkanal   7   Wolfsburg   Port of Wolfsburg
Mittellandkanal   8   Magdeburg   Port of Magdeburg
Saale   1   Halle   Port of Halle
Vltava   1   Prague   Port of Prague