Waterway Systems
Black Sea Region
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Black Sea Region are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

Use the Port Index link on the left side menu to view an alphabetical list, by country, of the ports on the Black Sea Region.

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Port icons are color coded by waterway                     

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Black Sea Region map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Dardanelles Strait     Canakkale   Dardanelles Strait *
Dardanelles Strait     Gelibolu   Port of Gelibolu
Sea of Marmara     Alemdar   Port of Alemdar
Sea of Marmara     Ambarli   Port of Ambarli *
Sea of Marmara     Bandirma   Port of Bandirma
Sea of Marmara     Derince   Port of Derince
Sea of Marmara     Dilovası   Port of Poliport *
Sea of Marmara     Gelibolu   Port of Gelibolu
Sea of Marmara     Gemlik   Port of Gemlik *
Sea of Marmara     Haydarpasa   Port of Haydarpasa *
Sea of Marmara     Icdas   Icdas Jetty
Sea of Marmara     Istanbul   Port of Istanbul *
Sea of Marmara     Izmit   Port of Izmit
Sea of Marmara     Karabiga   Port of Karabiga
Sea of Marmara     Mudanya   Port of Mudanya
Sea of Marmara     Sedef   Port of Sedef
Sea of Marmara     Tekirdag   Port of Tekirdag *
Sea of Marmara     Zeytinburnu   Port of Zeytinburnu
Bosphorus Strait     Haydarpasa   Port of Haydarpasa *
Bosphorus Strait     Istanbul   Port of Istanbul *
Black Sea     Anapa   Port of Anapa
Black Sea     Bartin   Port of Bartin
Black Sea     Batumi   Port of Batumi *
Black Sea     Belgorod - Dnestronsky   Port of Belgorod - Dnestronsky
Black Sea     Bourgas   Port of Bourgas
Black Sea     Constantza   Port of Constantza *
Black Sea     Eregli   Port of Eregli
Black Sea     Evpatoria   Port of Evpatoria
Black Sea     Fatsa   Port of Fatsa
Black Sea     Gelendzhgic   Port of Gelendzhgic
Black Sea     Giresun   Port of Giresun
Black Sea     Gorele   Port of Gorele
Black Sea     Hopa   Port of Hopa
Black Sea     Ilyichevsk   Port of Ilyichevsk *
Black Sea     Inebolu   Port of Inebolu
Black Sea     Kerch   Port of Kerch
Black Sea     Kherson   Kherson Commerical Seaport *
Black Sea     Luminita   Port of Luminita
Black Sea     Nikolaev   Port of Nikolaev *
Black Sea     Novorossiysk   Port of Novorossiysk *
Black Sea     Odessa   Port of Odessa *
Black Sea     Oktyabrsk   Port of Oktyabrsk
Black Sea     Ordu   Port of Ordu
Black Sea     Ovidiu   Port of Ovidiu
Black Sea     Poti   Port of Poti *
Black Sea     Rize   Port of Rize
Black Sea     Samsun   Port of Samsun
Black Sea     Sevastopol   Port of Sevastopol *
Black Sea     Sinop   Port of Sinop
Black Sea     Skadovsk   Port of Skadovsk
Black Sea     Sochi   Port of Sochi
Black Sea     Sukhumi   Port of Sukhumi
Black Sea     Supsa   Supsa Terminal
Black Sea     Trabzon   Port of Trabzon
Black Sea     Tuapse   Port of Tuapse
Black Sea     Ust-Dunaisk   Port of Ust-Dunaisk
Black Sea     Varna   Port of Varna *
Black Sea     Yalta   Port of Yalta
Black Sea     Yuzhny   Port of Yuzhny *
Black Sea     Zonguldak   Port of Zonguldak
Sea of Azov     Azov   Port of Azov
Sea of Azov     Berdyansk   Port of Berdyansk
Sea of Azov     Kerch   Port of Kerch
Sea of Azov     Mariupol   Port of Mariupol *
Sea of Azov     Rostov-on-Don   Port of Rostov-on-Don
Sea of Azov     Taganrog   Port of Taganrog *
Sea of Azov     Temryuk   Port of Temryuk
Sea of Azov     Yeysk   Port of Yeysk
Don River   1   Rostov-on-Don   Port of Rostov-on-Don
Don River   2   Volgodonsk   Port of Volgodonsk
Don River   3   Kalach-na-Donu   Port of Kalach-na-Donu
Volga-Don Canal   1   Sarepta   Port of Sarepta