Waterway Systems
Baltic Sea Region
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Baltic Sea Region are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

Use the Port Index link on the left side menu to view an alphabetical list, by country, of the ports on the Baltic Sea Region.

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Baltic Sea Region map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Baltic Sea     Ahus   Port of Ahus *
Baltic Sea     Allinge   Port of Allinge
Baltic Sea     Arnager   Arnager Havn
Baltic Sea     Bergkvara   Bergkvara Port
Baltic Sea     Bolshavn   Bolshavn Havn
Baltic Sea     Borgholm   Port of Borgholm
Baltic Sea     Christianso   Christianso Harbor
Baltic Sea     Darlowo   Port of Darlowo
Baltic Sea     Degerhamn   Port of Degerhamn
Baltic Sea     Dirhami   Port of Dirhami
Baltic Sea     Elblag   Port of Elblag
Baltic Sea     Gdansk   Port of Gdansk *
Baltic Sea     Gdansk   Port Polnocny
Baltic Sea     Gdynia   Port of Gdynia *
Baltic Sea     Gudhjem   Gudhjem Havne
Baltic Sea     Haapsalu   Port of Haapsalu Jahtklubi *
Baltic Sea     Hammer Havn   Hammer Havn
Baltic Sea     Hanko   Port of Hanko
Baltic Sea     Hasle   Port of Hasle
Baltic Sea     Hel   Port of Hel
Baltic Sea     Helligpeder   Helligpeder Havn
Baltic Sea     Heltermaa   Heltermaa Harbour
Baltic Sea     Kaliningrad   Port of Kaliningrad *
Baltic Sea     Kalmar   Port of Kalmar *
Baltic Sea     Kapellskar   Port of Kapellskar
Baltic Sea     Kappelshamn   Port of Kappelshamn
Baltic Sea     Karlshamn   Port of Karlshamn
Baltic Sea     Karlskrona   Port of Karlskrona *
Baltic Sea     Klaipeda   Klaipeda State Seaport *
Baltic Sea     Klintehamn   Port of Klintehamn
Baltic Sea     Kolobrzeg   Port of Kolobrzeg
Baltic Sea     Lehtma   Lehtma Harbro
Baltic Sea     Liepajas   Port of Liepajas
Baltic Sea     Listed   Listed Havn
Baltic Sea     Naantali   Port of Naantali
Baltic Sea     Nattraby   Port of Nattraby
Baltic Sea     Nekso   Port of Nekso
Baltic Sea     Norrkoping   Port of Norrkoping *
Baltic Sea     Nynashamn   Port of Nynashamn
Baltic Sea     Orissaare   Orissaare Harbour
Baltic Sea     Orjaku   Orjaku Harbour
Baltic Sea     Oskarshamn   Port of Oskarshamn
Baltic Sea     Oxelosund   Port of Oxelosund
Baltic Sea     Pansio   Port of Pansio
Baltic Sea     Pargas   Port of Pargas
Baltic Sea     Pataholm   Port of Pataholm
Baltic Sea     Police   Port of Police
Baltic Sea     Rohukula   Rohukula Harbour
Baltic Sea     Ronehamn   Port of Ronehamn
Baltic Sea     Ronne   Ronne Havn
Baltic Sea     Ronneby   Port of Ronneby
Baltic Sea     Sandvig   Sandvig Havn
Baltic Sea     Sassnitz   Port of Sassnitz
Baltic Sea     Simrishamn   Port of Simrishamn
Baltic Sea     Slite   Port of Slite
Baltic Sea     Snogebaek   Snogebaek Havn
Baltic Sea     Sodertalje   Port of Sodertalje
Baltic Sea     Solvesborg   Port of Solvesborg
Baltic Sea     Soru   Soru Harbor
Baltic Sea     Stockholm   Ports of Stockholm *
Baltic Sea     Stralsund   Port of Stralsund
Baltic Sea     Suursadam   Suursadam Harbour
Baltic Sea     Svaneke   Port of Svaneke
Baltic Sea     Sviby   Sviby Harbor
Baltic Sea     Swinoujscie   Port Handlowy Swinoujscie *
Baltic Sea     Szczecin   Port of Szczecin *
Baltic Sea     Tejn   Tejn Havn
Baltic Sea     Trelleborg   Port of Trelleborg
Baltic Sea     Triigi   Triigi Harbor
Baltic Sea     Turku   Port of Turku
Baltic Sea     Ueckermunde   Port of Ueckermunde
Baltic Sea     Ustka   Port Ustka
Baltic Sea     Uto   Port of Uto
Baltic Sea     Vang   Vang Havn
Baltic Sea     Vastervik   Port of Vastervik
Baltic Sea     Ventspils   Port of Ventspils
Baltic Sea     Visby   Port of Visby
Baltic Sea     Wladyslawowo   Port Wladyslawowo
Baltic Sea     Ystad   Port of Ystad
Gulf of Bothnia     Forsmark   Port of Forsmark
Gulf of Bothnia     Gavle   Port of Gavle *
Gulf of Bothnia     Hallstavik   Port of Hallstavik
Gulf of Bothnia     Hargshamn   Port of Hargshamn
Gulf of Bothnia     Harnosand   Port of Harnosand
Gulf of Bothnia     Hornefors   Port of Hornefors
Gulf of Bothnia     Hudiksvall   Port of Hudiksvall
Gulf of Bothnia     Iggesund   Port of Iggesund
Gulf of Bothnia     Kaskinen   Port of Kaskinen
Gulf of Bothnia     Kristiinankaupunki   Port of Kristinestad
Gulf of Bothnia     Mantyluoto   Port of Mantyluoto
Gulf of Bothnia     Mariehamn   Port of Mariehamn
Gulf of Bothnia     Merikarvia   Port of Merikarvia
Gulf of Bothnia     Norrsundet   Port of Norrsundet
Gulf of Bothnia     Ornskoldsvik   Port of Ornskoldsvik
Gulf of Bothnia     Pori   Port of Pori
Gulf of Bothnia     Rauma   Port of Rauma *
Gulf of Bothnia     Reposaari   Port of Reposaari
Gulf of Bothnia     Rundvik   Port of Rundvik
Gulf of Bothnia     Skutskar   Port of Skutskar
Gulf of Bothnia     Soderhamn   Port of Soderhamn
Gulf of Bothnia     Sundsvall   Port of Sundsvall
Gulf of Bothnia     Tahkoluoto   Port of Tahkoluoto
Gulf of Bothnia     Umea   Port of Umea
Gulf of Bothnia     Uusikaupunki   Port of Uusikaupunki
Gulf of Bothnia     Vaasa   Port of Vaasa
Gulf of Bothnia     Vallvik   Port of Vallvik
Bothnian Bay     Haparanda   Port of Haparanda
Bothnian Bay     Haukipudas   Port of Haukipudas
Bothnian Bay     Jakobstad   Port of Jakobstad *
Bothnian Bay     Karlsborg   Port of Karlsborg
Bothnian Bay     Kemi   Port of Kemi
Bothnian Bay     Kokkola   Port of Kokkola *
Bothnian Bay     Lapaluoto   Port of Lapaluoto
Bothnian Bay     Lulea   Port of Lulea
Bothnian Bay     Martinniemi   Port of Martinniemi
Bothnian Bay     Oulu   Port of Oulu
Bothnian Bay     Pateniemi   Port of Pateniemi
Bothnian Bay     Pitea   Port of Pitea
Bothnian Bay     Raahe   Port of Raahe
Bothnian Bay     Rahja   Port of Rahja
Bothnian Bay     Roytta   Port of Roytta
Bothnian Bay     Skelleftea   Port of Skelleftea
Bothnian Bay     Toppila   Port of Toppila
Bothnian Bay     Tornio   Port of Tornio
Bothnian Bay     Veitsiluoto   Port of Veitsiluoto
Gulf of Finland     Dirhami   Port of Dirhami
Gulf of Finland     Ekenas   Port of Ekenas
Gulf of Finland     Hamina   Port of Hamina *
Gulf of Finland     Hanko   Port of Hanko
Gulf of Finland     Helsinki   Port of Helsinki *
Gulf of Finland     Inkoo   Port of Inkoo
Gulf of Finland     Isnas   Port of Isnas
Gulf of Finland     Kotka   Port of Kotka
Gulf of Finland     Koverhar   Port of Koverhar
Gulf of Finland     Kronshtadt   Port of Kronshtadt
Gulf of Finland     Loksa   Loksa Shipyard
Gulf of Finland     Lomonosov   Port of Lomonosov
Gulf of Finland     Loviisa   Port of Loviisa
Gulf of Finland     Paldiski   Paldiski Harbour
Gulf of Finland     Porkkala   Port of Porkkala
Gulf of Finland     Porvoo   Port of Porvoo
Gulf of Finland     Primorsk   Port of Primorsk
Gulf of Finland     Sillamae   Port of Sillamae - SILPORT
Gulf of Finland     Skogby   Port of Skogby
Gulf of Finland     Skuru   Port of Skuru
Gulf of Finland     St. Petersburg   Port of St. Petersburg *
Gulf of Finland     Tallinn   Port of Tallinn *
Gulf of Finland     Tolkkinen   Port of Tolkkinen
Gulf of Finland     Ust-Luga   Port of Ust-Luga
Gulf of Finland     Vuosaari   Vuosaari Harbour
Gulf of Finland     Vyborg   Port of Vyborg
Gulf of Finland     Vysotsk   Port of Vysotsk
Gulf of Riga     Kihnu   Port of Kihnu
Gulf of Riga     Koiguste   Koiguste Harbour
Gulf of Riga     Kuivastu   Kuivastu Harbour
Gulf of Riga     Manilaiu   Manilaiu Harbour
Gulf of Riga     Montu   Montu Harbor
Gulf of Riga     Munalaid   Munalaid Harbor
Gulf of Riga     Nasva   Nasva Harbor
Gulf of Riga     Parnu   Port of Parnu *
Gulf of Riga     Riga   Freeport of Riga *
Gulf of Riga     Ringsu   Ringsu Harbor (Ruhnu Harbor)
Gulf of Riga     Roja   Roja Harbor
Gulf of Riga     Roomassaare   Roomassaare Harbour
Gulf of Riga     Salacgriva   Salacgriva Harbor
Gulf of Riga     Skulte   Port of Skulte
Gulf of Riga     Virtsu   Virtsu Harbour