Waterway Systems
Arabian Sea Region
Port Map

The ports and harbors situated on the Arabian Sea Region are displayed on the map below. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

Use the Port Index link on the left side menu to view an alphabetical list, by country, of the ports on the Arabian Sea Region.

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The table below is a list of the ports displayed on the Arabian Sea Region map. Ports are grouped and color coded by waterway.

* indicates the port has a World Port Source review.

Waterway Sequence Port Location Port Name
Arabian Sea     Arnala   Port of Arnala
Arabian Sea     Bedi Bunder   Port of Bedi Bunder *
Arabian Sea     Bharuch   Port of Bharuch
Arabian Sea     Bhavnagar   Port of Bhavnagar
Arabian Sea     Dahanu   Port of Dahanu
Arabian Sea     Dahej   Port of Dahej
Arabian Sea     Dholera   Port of Dholera
Arabian Sea     Ghogha   Port of Ghogha
Arabian Sea     Gwadar   Port of Gwadar
Arabian Sea     Jafrabad   Port of Jafrabad
Arabian Sea     Jakhau   Port of Jakhau
Arabian Sea     Jawaharlal Nehru   Nhava Sheva *
Arabian Sea     Kandla   Port of Kandla *
Arabian Sea     Karachi   Port of Karachi *
Arabian Sea     Karwar   Port of Karwar
Arabian Sea     Magdalla   Port of Magdalla *
Arabian Sea     Mandvi   Port of Mandvi *
Arabian Sea     Mangrol   Port of Mangrol
Arabian Sea     Mormugao   Port of Mormugao *
Arabian Sea     Muhammad Bin Qasim   Port Muhammad Bin Qasim *
Arabian Sea     Muldwarka   Muldwarka Harbor
Arabian Sea     Mumbai   Port of Mumbai *
Arabian Sea     Mundra   Port of Mundra *
Arabian Sea     Navlakhi   Port of Navlakhi *
Arabian Sea     Nishtun   Port of Nishtun
Arabian Sea     Okha   Port of Okha
Arabian Sea     Panaji   Port of Panaji
Arabian Sea     Pipavav   Port of Pipavav *
Arabian Sea     Porbandar   Port of Porbandar *
Arabian Sea     Ratnagiri   Port of Ratnagiri
Arabian Sea     Redi   Port of Redi
Arabian Sea     Salalah   Port of Salalah
Arabian Sea     Salaya   Port of Salaya *
Arabian Sea     Satpati   Port of Satpati
Arabian Sea     Sikka   Port of Sikka
Arabian Sea     Umbergaon   Umbergaon Harbor
Arabian Sea     Uttan   Port of Uttan
Arabian Sea     Vengurla   Port of Vengurla
Arabian Sea     Veraval   Port of Veraval *
Gulf of Aden     Aden   Port of Aden *
Gulf of Aden     Ash Shihr   Ash Shihr Terminal
Gulf of Aden     Berbera   Port of Berbera
Gulf of Aden     Djibouti   Port of Djibouti *
Gulf of Aden     Mukalla   Port of Mukalla
Red Sea     Abu Tig   Abu Tig Marina
Red Sea     Abu Zenima   Port of Abu Zenima
Red Sea     Adabiya   Port of Adabiya
Red Sea     Ain Sukhna   Ain Sukhna Terminal
Red Sea     Al-Tour   Port of Al-Tour
Red Sea     Aqaba   Industrial Port Zone
Red Sea     Aqaba   Mo'ta Berth and Moshterak Berth
Red Sea     Aqaba   Port of Aqaba *
Red Sea     Aseb   Port of Aseb
Red Sea     Berenice   Port of Berenice
Red Sea     Dhiba   Dhiba Sea Port *
Red Sea     Duba   Dhuba Bulk Plant Terminal
Red Sea     Duba   Port of Duba
Red Sea     Eilat   Port of Eilat
Red Sea     El-Sokhna   Port of El-Sokhna
Red Sea     Green Harbour   Green Harbour
Red Sea     Hodeidah   Port of Hodeidah
Red Sea     Hurghada   Port of Hurghada
Red Sea     Jeddah   Jeddah Islamic Port *
Red Sea     Jizan   Jizan Port
Red Sea     Massawa   Port of Massawa
Red Sea     Mokha   Port of Mokha
Red Sea     Nuweibah   Port of Nuweibah
Red Sea     Port Sudan   Port Sudan *
Red Sea     Qadimah   Port of Qadimah
Red Sea     Rabigh   Port of Rabigh
Red Sea     Ras Budran   Port of Ras Budran
Red Sea     Ras Gharib   Port of Ras Gharib
Red Sea     Ras Isa   Ras Isa Marine Terminal
Red Sea     Ras Shukheir   Port of Ras Shukheir
Red Sea     Ras Sudr   Ras Sudr Terminal
Red Sea     Safaga   Port of Safaga
Red Sea     Saleef   Port of Saleef
Red Sea     Sharm El-Sheikh   Port of Sharm El-Sheikh
Red Sea     Suakin   Port of Digna
Red Sea     Suez   Petroleum Dock Port *
Red Sea     Suez   Port Suez *
Red Sea     Wadi Feiran   Wadi Feiran Terminal
Red Sea     Yanbu   King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu *
Red Sea     Yanbu Al-Bahar   Yanbu Commercial Port
Red Sea     Zeit   Zeit Bay Terminal
Suez Canal     East Port Said   Port of East Port Said
Suez Canal     Port Said   Port Said *
Suez Canal     Suez   Port Suez *
Gulf of Oman     Chabahar   Port of Chabahar
Gulf of Oman     Fujairah   Port of Fujairah
Gulf of Oman     Khor Fakkan   Port of Khor Fakkan *
Gulf of Oman     Mina al Fahal   Port of Mina al Fahal
Gulf of Oman     Muscat   Port of Muscat
Gulf of Oman     Muscat   Port Sultan Qaboos *
Gulf of Oman     Qalhat   Port of Qalhat
Gulf of Oman     Sohar   Port of Sohar
Persian Gulf     Abu Dhabi   Port Zayed *
Persian Gulf     Al Rayyan   Al Rayyan Marine Terminal
Persian Gulf     Al Shaheen   Al Shaheen Terminal
Persian Gulf     Bandar Abbas   Port of Bandar Abbas *
Persian Gulf     Bushehr   Port of Bushehr
Persian Gulf     Dammam   King Abdul Aziz Port *
Persian Gulf     Doha   Port of Doha
Persian Gulf     Doha   Port of Doha
Persian Gulf     Dubai   Port Rashid *
Persian Gulf     Halul Island   Port of Halul Island
Persian Gulf     Imam Khomeini   Imam Khomeini Port
Persian Gulf     Jebel Ali   Port of Jebel Ali *
Persian Gulf     Jubail   Jubail Commercial Port *
Persian Gulf     Jubail   King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail
Persian Gulf     Khalifa   Khalifa Port
Persian Gulf     Khasab   Port of Khasab
Persian Gulf     Mesaieed   Port of Mesaieed
Persian Gulf     Mina Al Bakr   Port of Mina Al Bakr
Persian Gulf     Mina Salman   Port of Mina Salman *
Persian Gulf     Ras al Ghar   Port of Ras al Ghar
Persian Gulf     Ras al Khafji   Port of Ras al Khafji
Persian Gulf     Ras al Mishab   Port of Ras al Mishab
Persian Gulf     Ras Laffan   Port of Ras Laffan *
Persian Gulf     Ras Tanura   Ju'aymah Crude and LPG Terminals
Persian Gulf     Ras Tanura   Port of Ras Tanura
Persian Gulf     Shahid Rajaee   Port of Shahid Rajaee *
Persian Gulf     Sharjah   Port Khalid *
Persian Gulf     Sharjah   Port of Hamriyah *
Persian Gulf     Shuaiba   Port of Shuaiba *
Persian Gulf     Shuwaikh   Port of Shuwaikh *
Persian Gulf     Sitra   Port of Sitra
Persian Gulf     Umm Qasr   Port of Umm Qasr
Persian Gulf     Zuluf   Port of Zuluf
Laccadive Sea     Alleppey   Port of Alleppey
Laccadive Sea     Azhikkal   Port of Azhikkal
Laccadive Sea     Belekeri   Port of Belekeri
Laccadive Sea     Beypore   Port of Beypore
Laccadive Sea     Calicut   Port of Calicut
Laccadive Sea     Cannanore   Port of Cannanore
Laccadive Sea     Cochin (Kochi)   Port of Cochin *
Laccadive Sea     Colombo   Port of Colombo *
Laccadive Sea     Coondapur   Port of Coondapur
Laccadive Sea     Galle   Port of Galle
Laccadive Sea     Honavar   Port of Honavar
Laccadive Sea     Karwar   Port of Karwar
Laccadive Sea     Kasargode   Port of Kasargode
Laccadive Sea     Male   Port of Male
Laccadive Sea     Malpe   Port of Malpe
Laccadive Sea     Mangalore   Port of Mangalore *
Laccadive Sea     Munambam   Port of Munambam
Laccadive Sea     Neendakara   Port of Neendakara
Laccadive Sea     Ponnani   Port of Ponnani
Laccadive Sea     Tadri   Port of Tadri
Laccadive Sea     Tellicherry   Port of Tellicherry
Laccadive Sea     Thankasserry   Port of Thankasserry
Laccadive Sea     Trivandrum   Port of Trivandrum
Laccadive Sea     Tuticorin   Port of Tuticorin *
Laccadive Sea     Vizhinjam   Port of Vizhinjam