Navigable Waterways

World Port Source has documented the ports and harbors on navigable waterways around the world. The major waterways in each category are displayed here and a complete listing is available using the menu on the left.

Major rivers and their tributaries form waterway systems, which allow ship and barge traffic to travel thousands of miles from the ocean. Examples include the Mississippi River System in North America, the Yangtze River System in Asia and the Rio de la Plata River System in South America.


Amazon RiverColumbia RiverDanube RiverMississippi RiverParana RiverRhine RiverSaint Lawrence RiverVolga RiverYangtze River


Adriatic SeaBaltic SeaBlack SeaEast China SeaRed SeaSea of Japan


Gulf of BothniaGulf of FinlandGulf of MexicoPersian Gulf


Bay of BengalBothnian BaySan Francisco Bay


Long Island Sound Prince William SoundPuget Sound

Straits & Channels

English ChannelStrait of GeorgiaStrait of Malacca


Grand Canal of ChinaRhine-Main-Danube CanalWelland Canal


Mississippi River DeltaNile DeltaYangtze River Delta