Port of Lyttelton
Taylors Mistake to Boulder Bay

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T-55AM2 Arriving at Lyttelton port Christchurch
view - 3:49

Our latest vehicle 'Boris' the T-55 AM2 arriving at Lyttelton Port and being loaded onto the truck for transport to our site. More info and pictures at: www.tanksforeverything.co.nz
Taylors Mistake to Boulder Bay
view - 5:25

Taylor's Mistake is a sheltered cove, most popular with surfers, is so named because Captain Taylor famously mistook it for Lyttelton Harbour. Brightly coloured rustic Kiwi baches line the coastline in this area. Taylor's Mistake is an excellent, safe swimming beach for families and is also frequented by those enjoying the many picturesque walking tracks in the area.
Beginning at Taylor's Mistake, the walkway winds around the steep edge of the headland over a number of bays and coves, offering spectacular views of the ocean and the high, open hill landscape of this volcanic peninsula. Of particular interest are the cave dwellings and rugged holiday cottages dotted along the coastline and at Boulder Bay.
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