Noyo Harbor
Fishing Vessel exits Noyo Harbor

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1 Minute Vacation - Noyo Harbor
view - 1:11

Been at the computer too long? Need a little break? Take this 1-minute vacation. Look, listen and imagine yourself docking ship at Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg, California. Then you can get back to work.
Fishing Vessel exits Noyo Harbor
view - 1:35

When fishing in the North pacific was at all all time high, I happened to take this video of a small but worthy boat leaving Noyo Harbor. The year was in the mid 1980's shortly before the slow decline in fishing offshore. The video was shot around a Kate Wolf song and was being dedicated to the cause of NO OIL DRILLING off the Mendocino Coast. Mendocino Public TV has the original and hence I have no sound left and knowing how precious Kates life and music were...I decided to leave it out here and just post the boat...Her song was Far-Off Shore and I was given at the time permission for Jane to perform it for the cause...this happened after Kate passed away. We still miss her wonderful voice. A yearly songfest which includes many of her friends is held still. Utah Phillips has now also passed away..Nina Gerber is still plucking her guitar and many others do Kates Songs but there will never be another voice as Kates.. This entrance to Noyo Harbor is o9ne of the most dangerous in the US. It is not very wide and during storms and fogs I have seen many a boat damage, some lost.
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