Port of New York
New PATH cars arrive at the Port of New York and New Jersey

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Influence of Geography & History on Port of New York 1949
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New PATH cars arrive at the Port of New York and New Jersey
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The first set of new PATH cars arrived at the Port of New York and New Jersey on June 12, 2008, the first of 340 new cars that will fully replace the current PATH fleet.

The new cars will contain customer amenities designed to attract more riders to the mass-transit system to reduce congestion and improve the environment including: video monitors that will provide news, weather and sports information from WNBC, as well as PATH service announcements; three doors on each side (much of the old cars only have two doors) to allow for faster loading and unloading; on-board CCTV surveillance capability; improved lighting; pre-recorded station announcements; enhanced signage; and the capability for passengers to communicate directly with the crew in the event of an emergency.

The car replacement program is a major component of the Port Authority's $3.3 billion PATH overhaul and modernization program, which will increase system capacity by up to 25 percent, improve reliability, and transform one of the oldest rail systems in the country into the newest.
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