Port of New London
Foreign Trade
Imports to Port of New London
Vessel measured by weight (kg)
In 2010, foreign imports to Port of New London totaled 45,850,753 kilograms. This was an increase of 57.23% compared to the prior year.

When measured in kilograms, the top countries sending goods to Port of New London were Brazil, Luxembourg, Germany, Japan and Belgium.

World Total 45,850,753 29,162,059 105,895,719  more
Brazil 15,073,376      more
Luxembourg 7,897,228      more
Germany 6,287,529 4,317,445 31,838,841  more
Japan 4,415,080      more
Belgium 4,180,469      more
Netherlands 3,715,321      more
Spain 1,842,152      more
Austria 1,348,792 552,100 4,626,200  more
France 503,693      more
United Kingdom 290,942      more
Poland 286,839      more
China 9,332      more
Canada   12,518,662 52,140,017  more
Sweden   7,184,700 2,185,370  more
Czech Republic     8,427,582  more
Peru     4,075,020  more
Chile     2,602,689  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and USA Trade Online