Foreign Trade
USA Imports from Libya
Vessel measured by weight (kg)
Foreign imports from Libya to the United States in 2015 totaled 397,643,506 kilograms, an increase of 6.33% compared to the previous year

When measured in kilograms, the top ports receiving goods from Libya were Port of Houston, Port of New Orleans, Port of Newark, Port of Richmond and Honolulu Harbor, Oahu.

* Trade total is only for the USA ports listed here at World Port Source.

Total * 397,643,506 373,979,315 3,160,992,427  more
Port of Houston 72,390,399 60,106,512 159,577,192  more
Port of New Orleans 68,155,670 2,587,002 17,337,522  more
Port of Newark 64,075,076 114,012,472 746,803,379  more
Port of Richmond 52,488,608   208,014,739  more
Honolulu Harbor, Oahu 45,225,465   127,395,126  more
Port of Greater Baton Rouge 44,467,481 42,739,718 193,112,597  more
Port of Corpus Christi 31,218,208   215,380,705  more
Port of Gramercy 13,611,430 35,410,931 55,131,857  more
Tampa Port Authority 6,008,034      more
Port of Jacksonville 2,495      more
Port of Savannah 640   17,110  more
Port of Lake Charles   73,711,132 340,924,988  more
The Port of Wilmington   45,411,548 498,911,888  more
Port of Chester     404,090,838  more
Port of Port Arthur     73,476,301  more
Port of Perth Amboy     70,457,406  more
Port of Christiansted     22,852,240  more
Shell Oil Terminal Martinez     10,999,465  more
Port of Philadelphia     5,654,638  more
Port of Beaumont     5,560,721  more
Port of Miami     1,401,625  more
Port Everglades     1,300,205  more
Puerto Nuevo     1,056,513  more
Port of Bellingham     728,463  more
Port of Guayanilla     413,819  more
Port of Los Angeles     393,090  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau