Port of Kailua Kona
Foreign Trade
Imports to Port of Kailua Kona
Vessel measured by value ($US)
Port of Kailua Kona received foreign imports valued at $921,476 in 2014, an increase of 101.45% compared to the prior year.

When measured in US dollars, the top countries sending goods to Port of Kailua Kona were China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

World Total $921,476 $457,416 $100,426  more
China $828,624 $448,572 $68,803  more
Indonesia $48,756      more
Taiwan $22,565   $31,623  more
Hong Kong $11,718 $1,344    more
Thailand $9,813 $7,500    more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau