Hilo Harbor, Hawaii
Foreign Trade
Imports to Hilo Harbor, Hawaii
Vessel measured by value ($US)
Hilo Harbor, Hawaii received foreign imports valued at $21,508,377 in 2010, an increase of 835.48% compared to the prior year.

When measured in US dollars, the top countries sending goods to Hilo Harbor, Hawaii were Israel, Dominican Republic, Korea, South, Trinidad and Tobago and Malaysia.

World Total $21,508,377 $2,299,181 $5,045,669  more
Israel $14,378,815      more
Dominican Republic $2,065,548      more
Korea, South $1,853,902 $1,082,183    more
Trinidad and Tobago $1,201,919 $451,731    more
Malaysia $893,112      more
Vietnam $866,405 $748,318    more
Australia $218,391   $482,208  more
China $25,285 $16,949 $667,518  more
Sweden $5,000      more
Ecuador     $3,868,823  more
Canada     $27,120  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and USA Trade Online