Foreign Trade
USA Exports to Russia
Vessel measured by weight (kg)
Foreign exports from the United States to Russia in 2010 totaled   kilograms, an increase of 0.00% compared to the previous year

When measured in kilograms, the top ports exporting goods to Russia were .

* Trade total is only for the USA ports listed here at World Port Source.

Total *     2,157,217,340  more
Port of Mobile     362,656,153  more
Port of Houston     245,916,777  more
Port of Pascagoula     226,594,916  more
Port of Norfolk     180,122,955  more
Port of New Orleans     163,766,481  more
Port of Baltimore     153,902,205  more
Port of New York     134,762,393  more
Port Charleston     126,864,240  more
Port of Savannah     90,722,302  more
Port of Jacksonville     64,910,179  more
Port of Newark     62,715,784  more
Port of Tacoma     58,227,992  more
Port of Seattle     46,476,046  more
Port of Los Angeles     36,567,037  more
Port of Gramercy     36,510,301  more
Port of Oakland     32,409,623  more
Port of Everett     25,216,287  more
Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority     24,589,395  more
Port of Long Beach     19,287,130  more
Port of Philadelphia     8,550,828  more
Port of Chicago     8,171,911  more
Port of Brunswick     7,180,561  more
Port of Miami     6,826,553  more
Port of Pensacola     5,655,399  more
Port of Port Huron     5,574,931  more
Port of Boston     4,273,370  more
Port of Bellingham     3,574,786  more
Port of Fernandina     3,567,933  more
Port of Anchorage     2,123,162  more
Port of Portland     2,098,697  more
Port of Milwaukee     1,421,037  more
Port of Albany     872,807  more
Port of Vancouver     653,388  more
Port of Providence     562,800  more
Port of Memphis     471,879  more
Port of Brownsville     453,601  more
Port of Blaine     377,244  more
Port Everglades     322,737  more
Tampa Port Authority     281,591  more
Port of Buffalo     271,979  more
El Segundo Off-Shore Oil Terminal     236,552  more
Port of Wilmington     199,646  more
Port of Newport News     185,493  more
Port of Galveston     174,399  more
Port of Portsmouth     161,872  more
Port of Hueneme     159,801  more
Port of Texas City     131,401  more
Port of Chester     93,803  more
Port of Metropolitan St. Louis     84,060  more
Port of Richmond     64,246  more
Port of Erie     59,061  more
Port of San Francisco     32,915  more
Port of Portland     32,842  more
Port of International Falls     32,500  more
Washington Navy Yard     20,330  more
Port of Newport     15,000  more
Honolulu Harbor, Oahu     10,125  more
Port of Key West     5,100  more
Port of Cleveland     4,406  more
Port of Alexandria Bay     3,638  more
Port Annapolis     2,719  more
Port of Fort Pierce     2,041  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and USA Trade Online