Hilo Harbor, Hawaii
Foreign Trade
Exports from Hilo Harbor, Hawaii
Vessel measured by value ($US)
Foreign exports from Hilo Harbor, Hawaii totaled $1,841,349 in the year 2010. This was an increase of 132.29% compared to the prior year.

When measured in US dollars, the top countries receiving goods from Hilo Harbor, Hawaii were China, Germany, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Japan.

World Total $1,841,349 $792,692 $902,326  more
China $1,395,710 $275,266 $869,227  more
Germany $112,709      more
Hong Kong $88,310 $24,020 $33,099  more
Vietnam $87,000 $5,000    more
Japan $55,655      more
United Arab Emirates $50,800 $6,000    more
Taiwan $36,165 $228,381    more
Pakistan $15,000      more
Guyana   $100,446    more
Korea, South   $90,163    more
Australia   $36,000    more
Honduras   $15,000    more
Canada   $12,416    more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and USA Trade Online