Foreign Trade
USA Exports to Kazakhstan
Vessel measured by value ($US)
Foreign exports from the United States to Kazakhstan in 2010 totaled  . This represents an increase of 0.00% compared to the previous year

When measured in US dollars, the top ports exporting goods to Kazakhstan were .

* Trade total is only for the USA ports listed here at World Port Source.

Total *     $575,287,814  more
Port of Houston     $249,661,254  more
Port of Baltimore     $147,080,384  more
Port of Norfolk     $72,582,493  more
Port of New York     $24,307,711  more
Port Charleston     $14,736,215  more
Port of Long Beach     $12,737,798  more
Port of Newark     $12,593,237  more
Port of Los Angeles     $7,207,621  more
Port of Savannah     $6,544,674  more
Port of Wilmington     $5,668,799  more
Port of Seattle     $4,283,750  more
Port of Philadelphia     $3,672,285  more
Port of Oakland     $3,193,745  more
Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority     $2,801,959  more
Port of Brunswick     $1,980,103  more
Port of New Orleans     $1,560,554  more
Port of Port Huron     $1,476,824  more
Port of Boston     $1,126,879  more
Port of Miami     $461,454  more
Port of Jacksonville     $382,000  more
Port of Camden     $332,079  more
Port of Tacoma     $273,967  more
The Port of Wilmington     $245,559  more
Port of Portland     $193,441  more
Port of Buffalo     $171,096  more
Tampa Port Authority     $8,070  more
Port Everglades     $3,863  more

Complete import and export trade data is available from the
Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau and USA Trade Online