Port of Wilma
Review and History

The Port of Wilma is part of the Port of Whitman County in southeast Washington State. Located on the Snake River and part of the Columbia River Waterway System, the Port of Wilma is just two nautical miles (3.6 kilometers or 2.3 miles) west of the Port of Clarkston.

The Port of Whitman County is an autonomous municipal corporation within the State of Washington with a Board of Commissioners that meets monthly to consider mutual issues. The Port of Whitman County strives to improve the quality of life for citizen by developing industrial real estate, preserving multi-modal transportation, facilitating economic development, and providing on-water recreation.

In the late 19th Century, steamboats carried grains and fruit on the Snake and Columbia Rivers from the Port of Wilma to markets on the Pacific Coast. In 1958, the voters of Whitman County approved the creation of the port district in Whitman County. The port district was tasked with providing access to navigation on the Snake River, promoting industrial development, and providing opportunities on the Snake River for recreation. The port district began to development on-water sites at the Port of Almota in 1969. Since that time, the port district has established several ports, including the Port of Wilma, and industrial parks along the Snake River.

Today, the Port District of Whitman County focuses primarily on industrial development. The Port of Wilma is the largest facility in the district and the fast-growing port. The Port of Wilma contains a six-hectare public port site and 93 hectares of developed land that is partitioned into 24 lots. The Port of Wilma includes over 113 hectares of developed industrial property and almost 31 hectares of agricultural property to the north. The Port of Wilma has capacity to store 4.6 million bushels of dry peas and grain. In early 2013, the Port of Wilma had over eight hectares in 12 contiguous lots that were available for lease.

The Port of Wilma serves a wide range of industrial tenants that include general cargo companies, a grain storage and shipment company, a boat manufacturer, a company that stores and imports petroleum, wood chip processors and shippers, propane storage and distribution companies, a helicopter business, wood recyclers, a tree service company, and a self-contained facility that processes waste. The Port of Wilma also supports companies that mill and manufacture lumber products; research, develop, and manufacture microwave products, and manufacture concrete blocks.

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