Port of Clarkston
Review and History

The Port of Clarkston is located on Washington's eastern border with the State of Idaho on the Snake River. The Port of Clarkston is part of the Columbia River Waterway system. The Port of Clarkston is about 30 nautical miles upriver (44 kilometers or 27 miles southeast) of the Port of Almota. The 2010 US Census reported a population of 7726 people living in the Port of Clarkston.

Agriculture is an important part of the area economy, and the Port of Clarkston handles many barges carrying grains and agricultural products. The Clearwater Paper Corporation also moves wood ships and sawdust by barge from the Port of Clarkston to their Lewiston manufacturing plant. The Port of Clarkston has one of the biggest cranes east of Portland serving a navigable waterway.

Port History

The Port of Clarkston was named after William Clark, and neighboring Lewiston was named for Meriwether Lewis. Lewis and Clark never visited the Port of Clarkston side of the river.

In 1862, Robert Bracken settled in what would become the Port of Clarkston. The Port of Clarkston was called Jawbone Flats until being incorporated in 1902.

Walla Walla Community College opened a campus in the Port of Clarkston in 1993 to serve the surrounding region.

In addition to cargo docks, the Port of Clarkston has a marina serving recreational boats and yachts, many destined for Hells Canyon.

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