ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery
Review and History

The ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery is located on the Vancouver Island Waterway about 16 nautical miles (18 kilometers or 11 miles) northwest of the Port of Bellingham in Washington State. The ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery is about 82 nautical miles (141 kilometers or 87 miles) north-northwest of the Port of Seattle.

ConocoPhillips is active in nearly 30 countries and operates in a variety of geographic and geologic settings. Production streams of ConocoPhillips include light and heavy oil, oil sands, conventional natural gas and natural gas liquids, coalbed methane, liquefied natural gas, and shale gas and oil.

The ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery is located on the Strait of Georgia about five miles west-southwest of Ferndale, Washington. Historically, the main sources of crude oil treated at the ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery come from the Prudhoe Bay oil field in Alaska and from Canada, brought to the ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery by pipeline and tanker.

In 2011, the ConocoPhillips Ferndale Refinery processed about 98.1 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. The refinery separates crude oil to process and blend into several types of petroleum products that include gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil, residual fuel oil, marine bunker fuel oil, and liquid petroleum gas.

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