Port of Morrow
Review and History

Located on the Columbia River near Boardman, the Port of Morrow is the second biggest port in the State of Oregon. The Port of Morrow is just 25 nautical miles upriver (42 kilometers or 26 miles east-northeast) of the Port of Arlington, Oregon. The Port of Morrow is about 146 nautical miles (242 kilometers or 150 miles) east-northeast of the Port of Portland. Port of Morrow property includes two gas-fired power plants and a coal-fired power plant operated by Portland General Electric. The Port of Morrow is part of the Columbia River Waterway System.

Morrow County was named for one of the first white settlers in the area, Jackson L. Morrow. The 2010 US Census reported a population of almost 11.2 thousand people living in Morrow County. The main industries in Morrow County include agriculture, lumber, food processing, livestock, and recreation.

Port History

When cattlemen came to Morrow County, they found abundant rye in the creek bottoms that they used as forage for their herds. For many years, ranching was the main economic activity in the future Port of Morrow area.

During the 19th Century, ranching declined as new settlers moved into the region and overgrazing diminished the free pastures. Farming replaced ranching as the major economic activity. Railways came to the county in 1883 and increase farm access to markets.

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