Port of Arlington
Review and History

The Port of Arlington is located on the Columbia River in Gilliam County, Oregon. The Port of Arlington is about 122 nautical miles upriver (202 kilometers or 126 miles east-northeast) from the Port of Portland. The Port of Arlington is part of the Columbia River System. The 2010 US Census reported a population of 586 in the Port of Arlington.

Port History

The Port of Arlington was created in 1885 by the State Legislature as a shipping station for moving cattle down the Columbia River.

When the John Day Dam was completed, the original Port of Arlington was moved in 1963 to higher ground, still on the Columbia River.

The modern Port of Arlington is known for its large waste management landfill that receives trash from Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. In March 2010, plans were announced to build a waste incinerator next to the landfill.

In 2012, the 845 megawatt Shepherds Flat Wind Farm opened with 338 turbines, each of them able to produce 2.5 megawatts of energy.

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