Port of Catskill
Review and History

The Port of Catskill is located in southeast Green County in the State of New York. It is about 106 nautical miles upriver (172 kilometers or 107 miles north-northeast) of the Port of New York and about 26 nautical miles downriver (46 kilometers or 28 miles south-southwest) of the Port of Albany. Located on the shores of the Hudson River, the Port of Catskill is part of the New York Harbor River System. The 2010 US Census reported that almost 11,800 people called the Port of Catskill home.

Port History

Before European settlers began to populate the Hudson River Valley, the area was home to the Mahican (or Mohican) people. Many of the Mahican people moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts, after 1680. Most Mahican descendants have lived in Shawano County, Wisconsin, since the 1830s. They have an 8.9-hectare reservation there with the Lenapi (Delaware) and are federally-recognized as the Stockbridge-Munsee Community.

At first, farmers and traders from Holland and England shared the land with the Mahicans. Europeans began to settle the future Port of Catskill area in 1678 after purchasing the land from the Mahican in exchange for trinkets. While it was still a part of Albany County in 1788, the Port of Catskill township was established.

The 19th Century brought industry to the Port of Catskill, mainly tourism, lumber, and mining. The Port of Catskill became a prosperous town where industrialists built castles. By the end of the 1800s, the Port of Catskill's Main Street was lined with ornate storefronts and facades and elegant brick buildings. The hillsides were dotted with classic Victorian homes that have since been restored by professionals, writers, and artists.

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