Taconite Harbor
Review and History

Taconite Harbor is an unincorporated community in Cook County, Minnesota. A part of Schroeder Township, Taconite Harbor is located on the North Shore of Lake Superior about 67 nautical miles (124 kilometers or 77 miles by air) northeast of the Duluth and over 106 nautical miles (160 kilometers or 100 miles by air) southwest of Canada's Port of Thunder Bay.

Today, there is little more than a power plant in Taconite Harbor. The Minnesota Power Company is considering developing the area and may add a sewer system, a village square, parking lots, a City Hall, and space for commercial businesses. If this happens, Taconite Harbor would become an incorporated city.

The Taconite Harbor Dock was owned and operated by the LTV Steel Mining Company, until it filed for bankruptcy in 2000. Today, the Minnesota Power Company uses the Taconite Harbor Dock it to receive coal for use by the plant. Six rail tracks with capacity for 28 rail cars at the rear of the wharf serve the power plant as well. Received by self-unloading vessels, the coal is moved to a storage area in Taconite Harbor with capacity for 500 thousand tons. The Taconite Harbor Dock has berthing distance of 1710 meters (5.6 thousand feet) with alongside depth of 30 meters (98.4 feet).

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