Port Fourchon
Review and History

The Port of Fourchon is located on the Gulf of Mexico at the southern end of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, about 58 miles southeast of New Orleans. Primarily a seaport for traffic of the petroleum industry, there are more than 600 oil platforms that provide almost a fifth of the United States’ oil supply within a 40-mile radius of Port Fourchon. In addition to the petroleum function, Port Fourchon is also base for some fishing boats. While it sustained damage during the 2002 Hurricane Lili, Port Fourchon was not hit by 2005’s Hurricane Katriina that destroyed much of New Orleans.

Port History

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, and it is charged with maximizing the flow of trade and facilitating commerce and economic growth of Louisiana communities where it operates. Established in 1960 by an act of the State legislature, the Commission has jurisdiction over the area that includes Port Fourchon.

Historically the land base for offshore oil services and for the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP), Port Fourchon has also been a center for recreational and commercial fishing, a shipping terminal for foreign cargo, and a unique tourist destination. It is not generally thought of as a traditional port.

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