Kewalo Basin, Oahu
Review and History

Kewalo Basin is a commercial harbor serving the commercial fishing fleet that operates out of Honolulu, Hawaii. Kewalo Basin is about 3.4 kilometers (2.1 miles) southeast of Honolulu Harbor.

Port History

Before Europeans came to the islands of Hawaii, Kewalo Basin was often used for human sacrifice.

Kewalo Basin is not a natural harbor. In 1921, work began on Kewalo Basin to relieve the congestion growing in Honolulu Harbor. The current artificial cove was swampland before that construction.

On the ocean side of Kewalo Basin is the Ala Moana Beach Park where residents and visitors swim and picnic.

Today, Kewalo Basin supports excursion and charter vessels as well as Honolulu's commercial fishing fleet. Other small vessels - like research boats and catamarans - also moor in Kewalo Basin.

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