Porto Bodega Marina
Review and History

Porto Bodega Marina is a marina and RV park serving the Bodega Bay area in northern California. Bodega Bay is located about 80 kilometers northwest of the Port of San Francisco and over 135 kilometers west-southwest of the Port of West Sacramento. Visitors to Porto Bodega Marina enjoy water sports like deep-sea fishing, boating, kayaking, sailing, bird watching, wind surfing, and kite boarding. Popular land-based activities at Porto Bodega Marina include hiking and biking and visiting nearby state parks.

Located on the eastern Bodega Bay on California's Pacific coast, the town of the same name was the site of the first Russian buildings in the State. Bodega Bay was a port that supported Fort Ross and the Russian community called Colony Ross. Bodega Bay's best-known as the filming location for Alfred Hitchcock's popular The Birds. In 2000, almost 1500 people lived in Bodega Bay.

Port History

In 1775, the Miwok and Pomo peoples inhabited the coastal mountains and valleys of today's Sonoma County and Bodega Bay. These hunter-gatherers harvested the rivers and ocean until Europeans arrived late that year.

The Sonora, a Spanish sloop, brought Don Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra Mollineda to the southern end of Bodega Bay at the mouth of the Tomales Bay. It was the early 19th Century before white settlements started growing in the Bodega Bay area.

Russian fur traders seeking otters and seals came to the Bodega Bay area to supplement the food supplies for their settlements in the north. Local natives helped them build Fort Ross some 20 miles north of Bodega Bay.

When Mexico gained independence from Spain and took control of the Bodega Bay region, lands were granted to citizens and soldiers who established ranchos and farms in Sonoma County. Captain Stephen Smith became a Mexican citizen to secure a land grant in Bodega Bay. With his Peruvian wife, Manuela Torres, he created Rancho Bodega encompassing a large part of the Bodega Bay area.

In the late 1800s, Firman Camelot founded a town he called Bay that later became Bodega Bay. Captain Smith established California's first steam-powered saw mill, the parts arriving by sea.

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