Port of Rades
Review and History

The Port of Rades serves the capital city of Tunis. Located nine kilometers southeast of the Tunisia's largest city, much of Tunis' harbor facilities are located in the town of Rades. The Port of Rades lies on the Tunis canal's southern bank, a geographical extension of the Port of La Goulette 2 kilometers to the east on Tunisia's northeastern coast.

The Port of Rades is home to Tunisia's national football team who play at the 65-thousand-seat stadium in the Port of Rades. Rades is composed of six sub-cities: Rades Medina, Rades Foret, Chouchet Rades, Rades Meliane, El Malleha, Noubout, and the Olympic City. About 75 thousand people call the Port of Rades home, and almost four million people populate the Tunis metropolitan area.

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