Sattahip Comercial Port
Review and History

Sattahip Commercial Port (Thai) lies on the northern coast of the Gulf of Thailand on Sattahip Bay. Developed as a naval base in the early 1920s, it served military purposes until the late 1970s. Its deep-water port is an alternative to the Port of Bangkok's relatively shallow waters. The Port of Bangkok is about 76 nautical miles north-northwest of Sattahip Commercial Port, or about 150 kilometers by land. Sattahip Commercial Port is also about 50 kilometers south of Laem Chabang Port.

Sattahip Commercial Port's Juksamet Port is one of Thailand's few deep-water ports. It is also home to the largest naval base for the Royal Thai Navy and its only aircraft carrier. The US Air Force depended on Ban Sattahip Air Base during the Vietnam War, and the Sattahip Naval Base was the site of the 2002/2003 20th World Scout Jamboree. In 1980, over 13 thousand people lived in the urban sanitary district.

Sattahip Commercial Port's Chuk Samet is the commercial port area. It contains the East and West Quays. The East Quay is 360 meters long with alongside depth of 9.14 meters. It can accommodate vessels to 150 meters long with maximum draft of 7.8 meters. The West Quay is 540 meters long with alongside depth of 9.75 meters, and it can accommodate vessels to 180 meters long with maximum draft of 9 meters. The Oil Jetty at the Sattahip Commercial Port is 198 meters long with alongside depth of 10.3 meters, and it can accommodate vessels to 27 thousand DWT. The Sattahip Commercial Port's Tung Prong is the Navy Port. It contains four deep-draft berths with a minimum depth of 18.3 meters.

Fifteen kilometers northwest of Sattahip Commercial Port is Pattaya Beach, a very popular destination for tourists visiting Thailand. Once a small fishing village, American military personnel discovered it during the 1960s, and it has grown into a modern city with a varied and sometimes infamous nightlife.

While local leaders have tried to temper the unrestrained atmosphere at Pattaya Beach just north of Sattahip Commercial Port, it still contains many clubs that cater to every taste and offer non-stop entertainment. Pattaya Beach has over 12 thousand rooms available in every price range, and there are limitless activities and services available. Immediately north of the Sattahip Commercial Port's Pattaya Beach is Naklua Beach, a clean quiet place for the more sedate traveler. To the south, Jomtien Beach offers more spacious and calm surroundings and a good quality of restaurants and lodgings.

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