Bangkok Modern Terminal
Review and History

Bangkok Modern Terminal lies on the west banks of the Cho Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand, about 12 kilometers from the river's mouth to the Gulf of Thailand.

Bangkok Modern Terminal is operated by BMT Pacific Ltd. (BMTP), a terminal company that provides logistics solutions and storage for their clients. Bangkok Modern Terminal also operates a barge shuttle service to Laem Chabang Port some 30 nautical miles to the southeast across the Gulf of Thailand. In addition to barge services, Bangkok Modern Terminal contains a container terminal, warehouses, and a distribution center.

Established in 2006, Bangkok Modern Terminal Pacific Limited is a joint venture between Bangkok Modern Terminal, Eastern Maritime (Thailand) Ltd. ( a ship's agency), and Pacific International Lines (a shipping firm). BMPT was created to support import/export activities by combining the partner's management skills, modern technology, and expertise.

The Bangkok Modern Terminal container terminal can transport as many as 25 containers per hour and can accommodate vessels to 120 metric tons. The terminal provides loading and unloading services for bulk cargoes and containers and transports and stores those goods. Bangkok Modern Terminal provides stuffing services for exported goods and cleans and stores empty containers. Bangkok Modern Terminal also provides customs support by completing the Royal Thai Customs process in-house.

The Bangkok Modern Terminal's barge shuttle services provide containerized cargo feeder service between the Port of Laem Chabang and the Bangkok Modern Terminal. Sailing daily, this service expands customers' reach throughout Thailand. Taking about six hours to travel between the ports, each barge can handle as many as 44 20-foot containers. The Bangkok Modern Terminal can also accommodate customers' shipping schedules.

The Bangkok Modern Terminal warehouse service uses the latest security and monitoring systems to assure the safety of customers' products. The Bangkok Modern Terminal staff is well-trained and knowledgeable about chemical substances and inventory management.

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