Port Wallhamn
Review and History

Port Wallhamn was recently chosen by EUKOR CC Inc. to be Nordic, Russian and The Baltic States hub for transshippment cargo (for ex. 140 000 units of KIA/Hyundai) and is Grimaldi Groups Swedish and Norwegian hub.

Present owners of Wallhamn AB:
Grimaldi Compagnia di Navigazione S.p.a. (Naples) (25%)
Grimaldi Maritime Sweden AB (25%)
EUKOR Car Carriers Inc. (Seoul) (25%)
Sweden Transport Logistics Holding AB (25%)

Wallhamn AB Board Members:
Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, CEO Grimaldi Group
Mr. Sven-Göran Sjöström, MD Grimaldi Maritime Sweden AB
Mr. Trond Sjursen, MD EUKOR Car Carriers Inc. (Europe)
Mr. Anders Cervin, CEO & President Sweden Transport Logistics Holding AB

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