Falkenbergs Terminal
Review and History

Falkenbergs Terminal is located the mouth of the River Atran on Sweden’s west coast about 112 kilometers north of the Port of Helsingborg, Sweden’s port nearest Denmark. Falkenberg is the administrative center for Falkenberg Municipality in Halland County. Its beach has been awarded the coveted Blue Flag many times. While about 19 thousand people live in Falkenbergs Terminal, the municipality is home to about 40 thousand souls.

Port History

In the 13th Century, Halland belonged to the Kingdom of Denmark. The Danish king built a fortress where falconry was very popular on the shores of the River Atran a few kilometers inland from the sea. The area north of the river belonged to Sweden or to Norway at different times. The fort was destroyed in 1434 by troops of Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson.

A new town, Ny-Falkenberg, grew up near the old town during the Northern Seven Years’ War. The 1645 Treaty of Bromsebro granted the Falkenbergs Terminal to Sweden, and it was made a permanent province of Sweden by the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658.

The town of Falkenberg started to industrialize, like the rest of Sweden, in the late 19th Century. During the 20th Century, it became known as a popular seaside resort.

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