Dhiba Sea Port
Review and History

Dhiba Sea Port is located in far northwestern Saudi Arabia about 110 kilometers southeast of the mouth of the Gulf of Arabia. Located at the North end of the Red Sea coast, Dhiba Sea Port offers a natural protected harbor and serves an immense hinterland that extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Dhiba Sea Port is the nearest port in Saudi Arabia to the Suez Canal (253 nautical miles) and ports in Egypt.

The Saudi Ports Authority is the port authority for Dhiba Sea Port. Except for crude oil, the Saudi Ports Authority handles 95% of the exports and imports in the country and 61% of all cargo handled in the Gulf Cooperation Council states of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Over the last 23 years, Saudi ports have handled over 1.3 billion tons of cargo.

Traffic through the Dhiba Sea Port has increased steadily since it was inaugurated in 1995. In 2008, Dhiba Sea Port handled a total of 441.1 thousand tons of cargo, including 216.3 thousand tons of bulk cargo, 174.5 thousand tons of roll-on/roll-off cargo and vehicles, and 50.4 thousand tons of general cargo.

Of the total cargo through Dhiba Sea Port, 362.5 thousand tons were imported, and 78.7 thousand tons were exported. Of the total, the vast majority was classified as “other cargo.” The main other cargoes included construction materials, food and foodstuffs, industrial products, and vehicles. In 2008, 372.4 thousand passengers arrived at Dhiba Sea Port, and 349.8 departed for a total of 722.2 passenger visits. Dhiba Sea Port is under continuous development in an effort to further increase both passenger and cargo traffic.

The newest Saudi port, Dhiba Sea Port was established to serve northwestern Saudi Arabia and trade with ports in Egypt. The access channel to Dhiba Sea Port is 1482 meters long, 95 meters wide, and has a depth of 11 meters. Dhiba Sea Port has three 200-meter-long berths with alongside depth of 10 meters, each of which are supplied with fresh water.

Dhiba Sea Port’s Berth No. 1 handles lift-on/lift-off cargoes (primarily livestock). Berth No. 2 handles general cargo, and Berth No. 3 handles roll-on/roll-off cargoes (30-meter ramp). The Dhiba Sea Port contains six thousand square meters of warehouses, six thousand square meters of covered storage, and 150 thousand square meters of open storage area.

Dhiba Sea Port has a supermarket, a bank, and a hotel within the port area. A supermarket, lodgings, and a fuel station are located outside the port area.

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