Port Livadia
Review and History

The Commercial Port Livadia is located on Nakhodka Bay in the Sea of Japan, on cape of Astafeva.

The area of the port is 50,000 square meters. Port has two moorings with the general length of 320 meters and the operating depth of 10.5 meters and another two moorings are under construction. Once completed, the total length of the moorings will be 680 meters. The moorings and the ground area surrounding the port are the property of the port. This gives the Port Lividia a significant distinction from its competitors. In 2008 railroad connecting the port and Trans-Siberian Railway was laid.

The loading and unloading is provided by three cranes KATO with carrying capacity of 25, 50 and 70 tons, as well as mobile hydraulic manipulators Caterpillar. For transportation of a cargo around the territory forklifts and transporters are used. Currently, the port specialises in logistics of such cargoes as cement, glass, pipes, various metals and other cargoes.

Initially the port was designed as the timber terminal with projected turnover of 12 million cubic metres of a timber per annum. However, due to the change in the market conditions and reduction in global demand of timer the port re-specialised to logistics of general goods.

At present there is a shortage of ports in Eastern Russia which are capable of providing coal logistics. Therefore, the decision has been made to take advantage of this shortage and restructure to include coal logistic capability of the port. The port’s projected turnover of coal is 6 million tons of coal per year.

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