Port of Sandnes
Review and History

The Port of Sandnes sits at the head of the Gands Fjord, a branch of the Bokna Fjord off the North Sea, in Rogaland county, Norway. Located about 74 kilometers southwest of the Port of Haugesund and 176 kilometers south of the Port of Bergen, the Port of Sandnes is the main port for the agricultural Jaeren region. In 2007, over 60 thousand people called the Port of Sandnes home.

Port History

The earliest written record of the Port of Sandnes dates to 1664. The Port of Sandnes was named after the old farm upon which the first settlement was built in 1723.

King Christian VII gave Lauritz Smith Petersen permission to build a brick factory that opened in 1783. King Carl granted the town rights to build in 1869.

The major industries in the Port of Sandnes include production of textiles, boat products, and construction materials. It is also an important producer of ceramic tiles. In fact, it was once known as Norway’s “pottery town” due to the ceramic industry and the abundance of clay in the local environment.

Today, the Port of Sandnes is called Norway’s “bicycle city” because the bicycle maker Oglaend DBS was located there for many years. The city has many bicycle routes, and it has operated a public bicycle rental program since 1996.

The Port of Sandnes is home to many retail shops, technology companies, and oil-related businesses. Norway’s biggest shopping mall, Kvadrat, is located in the Port of Sandnes, a favorite haunt for area residents.

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