Port of Moerdijk
Review and History

The Port of Moerdijk lies on the shores of the Hollands Diep River about 27 kilometers southeast of Rotterdam in the Netherlands’ province of North Brabant. Municipal Moerdijk was created in 1997 when the municipalities of Willemstad, Zevenbergen, Fijnaart en Heijningen, and Klundert were merged. The new town was at first called Zevenbergen, but the name was changed to Moerdijk the following year even though the Port of Moerdijk was one of the smaller villages in the new municipality. In 2002, about 1200 people called the Port of Moerdijk home.

Despite being small in size, the Port of Moerdijk is familiar to people in the Netherlands due to its large industrial area and as a landmark of sorts. People in Belgium use the phrase “above the Moerdijk” to describe areas in southern parts of the Netherlands or in Holland.

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