Tin Can Island Port (TCIP)
Review and History

Tin Can Island Port is located in Apapa, the port for the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Tin Can Island Port is about seven kilometers due west of the city center of Lagos across Lagos Harbor. Apapa Port is the largest and busiest port in Nigeria.

The Roro Terminal was designated as part of the new Tin Can Island Port in 1977. Tin Can Island Port was built and opened in 1997. In 1991, the Nigerian Ports Authority was given responsibility for operating the port, and they made it a modern functioning port.

Tin Can Island Port is a complex of what was once the Tin Can Island and Roro Ports that were merged in 2006 when private terminal operators, Port and Terminal Multiservices Ltd. (PTML) took over the terminals.

Since 2006, PTML has made significant improvements in performance at Tin Can Island Port, and they have undertaken efforts to redevelop the terminals to add capacity and boost Tin Can Island Port’s competitive position.

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