Lumut Port
Review and History

Lumut Port is on the northwest shores of Malaysia on the Strait of Malacca at the mouth of the Dindings River. With the best deep-water port in Malaysia, Lumut Port is home base to the Royal Malaysian Navy (Malay) and dry dock. Until the Navy located there, Lumut Port was a small fishing town and the doorway to the resort of Pangkor Island. In 2000, almost 32 thousand people lived in Lumut Port.

In the Malay language, “lumut” refers moss, lichen, or seaweed. It is said that the beach was covered with moss when the town was beginning, giving it its name. When the town was still young, a sheltered natural jetty encouraged sea-borne landings. Tim and lumber were brought here by sampans and elephants to build the town.

Today, it is not only the home base for the Royal Malaysian Navy, but Lumut Port is the gateway to several wonderful islands offshore, including the popular tourist destination of Pangkor Island. In 2009, Lumut Port was declared a Naval, Tourism, and Maritime Town in conjunction with the celebration of His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah’s 25th year on the throne of Perak State.

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