Puerto de Tuxpan
Review and History

The Puerto de Tuxpan lies on the banks of the Tuxpan River 12 kilometers from where it meets the Gulf of Mexico on México’s east-central shores in the northern State of Veracruz. Located about 150 kilometers south-southeast of the Puerto de Tampico, the Puerto de Tuxpan is an important industrial, commercial, and transportation hub.

Its main income comes from the nearby oil fields that export petroleum. Other exports include corn, fish, bananas, and livestock that are raised in the hinterland and processed in the Puerto de Tuxpan. With shipyards located nearby, the Puerto de Tuxpan is linked to México City and the country’s southwest and coastal cities by road and air service. Ships arrive at the Puerto de Tuxpan via the river or through and inland canal/lagoon that goes through the oil fields from Tampico. In 2005, over 74 thousand people called the city of Puerto de Tuxpan home, and over 134 thousand lived in the municipality.

Port History

The Puerto de Tuxpan gets its name from the Nahuatl language of the ancient Aztecs, meaning the “place of rabbits.” In 1956, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara, and other revolutionaries traveled from Puerto de Tuxpan on the yacht Granma with the goal of overthrowing the Batista government.

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