Port of Yawata
Review and History

The Port of Yawata is the industrial heart of the Port of Kitakyushu, a major port on Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island. The Port of Yawata was incorporated into the city of Kitakyushu in 1963. The Port of Yawata specializes in iron and steel, heavy chemicals, cement, and glass.

Now a ward of the city of Kitakyushu and managed by the Kitakyushu Seaport and Airport Bureau, the Port of Yawata contains Space World amusement park and the Kawachi Reservoir, which was the largest dam in Asia when it was built in the 1920s.

The Port of Yawata also has a hot spring facility (onsen) that includes both indoor and outdoor bathing facilities.

The Port of Yawata is located near many coal mines. With coke plants and steel mills (including a Nippon Steel Corporation plant) in the Port of Yawata make much of Japan’s steel. The plants were targets of the first United States air raid on Japan in 1944.

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