Port of Susaki
Review and History

The Port of Susaki lies on the eastern shores of Japan’s island of Shikoku in Kochi Prefecture. Founded in 1954 when five towns and villages were merged, the Port of Susaki was home to almost 27 thousand people in 2003.

The Port of Susaki’s most important industry is fishing. Deep-sea fishing and aquaculture are strong. Agricultural crops include hothouse crops like Japanese ginger, cucumber, green pepper, sweet pepper, and flowering plants.

Since 1966, the Port of Susaki has been a designated Important Harbor. The main cargoes it handles are wood, cement, and limestone. 

The Kochi Port Authority is responsible for managing and operating the Port of Susaki, which has an anchorage area of 16 hectares. The harbor has a draft limitation of 8.4 meters, but pilotage is not required. The Port of Susaki has three tugs available.

The Port of Susaki offers hold cleaning facilities and cargo fumigation services. A maximum of three log gangs are available, and discharge of cargo is by ship’s crane and shore grabs.

The 15-thousand-ton wharf at the Port of Susaki offers 8.3 meters draft (8.8 at high tide) and can accommodate vessels to 185 meters long up to 32 thousand DWT.

The Port of Susaki lies on the shores of Kinpo Bay, a natural harbor offering a wonderful drive course and nature park. Whale-watching is popular from July to September off the coast of the Bay. Bandagamori Mountain is 769 meters high and commands a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.

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