Port of Sakaide
Review and History

The Port of Sakaide lies on the southern shores of the Inland Sea in northern Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, Japan. It is connected by the Great Seto Bridge crossing the Inland Sea to Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture.

A center for the production of salt since the early 17th Century, some of the salt fields in the Port of Sakaide were converted to industrial use after the Second World War when the city became greatly industrialized. In addition to salt, the Port of Sakaide is home to manufacturers of machinery, chemicals, and petrochemicals. The busy Port of Sakaide also contains a large shipyard. Nearby Mount Shiramine bears at its peak the 12th Century mausoleum of Emperor Sutoku. In 2005, the Port of Sakaide was home to over 57 thousand people.

The Sakaide Port Administration is the port authority governing the Port of Sakaide. The port is located near the Inland Sea’s main shipping route, and many large vessels enter the coastal industrial zone. The Port of Sakaide is divided into two sections. The Cosmo Oil Company’s No. 1 berth is located less than a mile west of Sei Sima. Pilotage is only compulsory in the Bannosu area for vessels of more than ten thousand gross tons. Vessels over 25 thousand gross tons carrying liquefied petroleum gas may not enter the port at night, as pilots are generally not available from sunset to sunrise. The Port of Sakaide offers tugboats and launches to support vessels using the port.

The Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation operates in the Port of Sakaide Shipyard. The shipyard has a graving dry dock with three berths totaling 1230 meters in length.

The City of Sakaide rests on the Goshikidai Plateau, as do Takamatsu City, and Kokubunji Town. Mount Shiramine has 88 Buddhist Temples. The Shiramine Temple is located next to the tomb of Emperor Sutoku Jukou. The natural hot springs at the Kanpono Yado Sakaide can be enjoyed while viewing the magnificent almost ten-kilometer long Seto Oohashi Bridge to Kurashiki. Visitors can find a camping site with nature experiences and workshops at Goshikidai Visitor Center.

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