Port of Kinuura
Review and History

The Port of Kinuura is located on Chita Bay on the southeastern Pacific coast of Japan's largest island, Honshu, in the Aichia prefecture some 32 kilometers southeast of the Port of Nagoya and 170 kilometers east-northeast of the Port of Osaka. A central pier across the Yahagi River reaches from Handa City to Hekinan City, with a break for a channel where vessel can travel upriver.

Five cities and four towns surround the Port of Kinuura, which has wharves throughout the area. Those cities are Handa City, Hekinan City, Kariya City, Nishio City and Takahama City. The main Port of Kinuura lies along both banks of the Yahagi River. Handa City is the main location for the Port of Kinuura. The city's major industries include food processing, brewing, and manufacturing of cotton goods based on the crops raised in the surrounding hinterland. In 2005, over 115 thousand people lived in Handa City, and almost 71 thousand people lived in Hekinan City.

Port History

Between the early 1600s and middle 1800s (the Edo period), today's Aichi prefecture was the country's center for the cultivation of cotton, manufacturing, and agriculture.

The modern Port of Kinuura was an important commercial port for exporting local products.

Today's Hekinan City was important for shipping sake, rice, and salt to Edo (now Tokyo) during the same period.

The Port of Kinuura area has also been important for fishing since the early 14th Century.

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