Port of Hitachinaka
Review and History

The Port of Hitachinaka lies on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in east central Japan in Ibaraki Prefecture about 110 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. Founded in 1994 with the merger of the cities of Nakaminato and Katsuta, over 155 thousand people lived in the Port of Hitachinaka in 2005.

Port History

From the end of World War II until 1973, the United States Army occupied the land where the Port of Hitachinaka stands today. During that time, Ibaraki Prefecture’s North Kanto Region relied on the ports in the Keihin area of Japan.

When the US returned the Port of Hitachinaka land to Japan in 1973, the Prefecture undertook comprehensive land planning to build a port and a national park. Hitachinaka Area was created as an International Bay and Park City.

The core facilities of the Port of Hitachinaka were approved by the Transport Ministry in 1983, and the port has been designated an Important Port by Japan’s government.

The Port of Hitachinaka is a centerpiece in local planning and development. It will likely be a base for the local economy as an international distribution terminal center.

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