Port of Hannan
Review and History

The Port of Hannan (Japanese) is about 43 kilometers southwest of Osaka, Japan. It lies on the southern shores of Osaka Bay about 20 kilometers from its mouth to the Togomashima Strait and the Pacific Ocean. Officially founded in 1991, over 58 thousand people lived in the Port of Hannan by 2003.

The Port of Hannan was born when three nearby ports were integrated into one in 1968. The lumber complex in the Port of Hannan had been created in 1964, leading to the consolidation of the ports.

The Port of Hannan covers about 142 hectares. It contains a 12m quay earthquake-proof with three berths. In addition to the dock facilities, the Port of Hannan contains a regional industrial and manufacturing development. The Port of Hannan intends to expand its facilities to support marine recreation in the area.

The new city of the Port of Hannan was placed near the old port of Kishiwada, where they could easily update the existing commercial facility for cultural needs and events. Therefore, the old port of Kishiwada is being re-developed.

Today, Japan’s increasing lumber imports create continuing needs to expand and upgrade the lumber port areas.

In the old shell mound port area, the Port of Hannan handles gravel, sand, and stone cargoes. It is also focusing on moving steel through the port here.

The new Shell Mound Pier supports the industrial complex and the harbor. At the north part of the Port of Hannan, this pier will further modernize the facilities and services offered by the Port of Hannan.

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