Port of Choshi
Review and History

The Port of Choshi lies on the eastern tip of Chiba Prefecture in eastern Japan about four kilometers southeast of Choshi City. In 2008, Choshi City was home to over 72 thousand people.

With a warm climate blessed by the Pacific Ocean, Choshi City and the Port of Choshi are also near the Tone River.

The Port of Choshi was designated a refuge harbor in 1951. In 1953, Chiba Prefecture assumed management of the port.

From 1965, the Port of Choshi was developed by constructing coastal roads, breakwaters, and wharves.

Today, the Choshi Marine Resort, together with a thermal power plant and the busy port, Choshi City is revitalizing. Shore protection measures are being taken. To make the beach more stable, a new breakwater and promenade are under construction.

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