Port of Navlakhi
Review and History

The Port of Navlakhi lies on the shores of the Gulf of Kutch about 45 kilometers west of Morbi on the Kathiawar Peninsula in India. It was at one time the capital of Morvi, an historic princely state. Today, the Port of Navlakhi is a center of trade for agricultural products with industries that process cotton, manufacture roof tiles, and make pottery and clocks. In 2001, over 145 thousand people called the Port of Navlakhi home.

The Gujarat Maritime Board is the governing authority for the Port of Navlakhi, an all-weather port with capacity to handle 900 thousand tons of cargo per year. The port offers 1.6 kilometers of anchorage at depths from 9 to 12.5 meters. To the southwest of the Nawinar Lighthouse, depths range from 10 to 12 meters.

Using private barges, port users are able to handle from 10 to 15 metric tons of cargo each day. The Port of Navlakhi includes open storage space of 119.4 thousand square meters and 17.8 thousand square meters of platforms. It also offers covered dockside warehouses (go-downs) to its customers.

About 8 kilometers from the Port of Navlakhi, lighterage is available with a depth of 13.5 meters. Larger vessels with draft up to 16 meters can anchor at the outer-reach just over 46 miles from the port, where there is a private lighter jetty with five berths of 102 meters.

The Port of Navlakhi is connected by road and rail to the city of Morbi and connected to India’s railway network through Maliya.

The primary cargoes handled by the Port of Navlakhi are coal, fluorspar, and pig iron.

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