Port of Bedi Bunder
Review and History

The Port of Bedi Bunder lies on the shores of Gulf of Kutch off the Arabian Sea in northwestern India about 10 kilometers north-northwest of Jamnagar, India. Bedi is a census town in Jamnagar district in the state of Gujarat. The Port of Bedi Bunder is an all-weather lighterage port, serving ship-to-shore vessels like amphibians, landing craft, and barges. India classifies it as an intermediate anchorage.

Port History

The Port of Bedi Bunder primarily serves the nearby city of Jamnagar, which was founded in 1535 AD by Jam Rawal. Consulting wise men and astrologers, Jam Rawal laid the foundation stone for his new capital in August 1540. Although he named it Nawangar (meaning “new town”), the city came to be know as Jamnagar (meaning the “town of Jams”).

Today, it is called “Oil City” due to the huge refineries located there. For a time, it was called “Brass City” when the city was home to huge industrial estates producing brass products. Today, almost 200 tons of brass goods are still created in the city every day. Jamnagar is also home to three wings of Indian defense, including its air force, army, and navy.

The Jamnagar Refinery is the world’s largest greenfield refinery and the third largest refinery in the world. After its most recent expansion, scheduled to be completed in 2008, its capacity increased to 1.2 million barrels per day, representing 5% of the world’s capacity. The advanced refinery can produce a wide range of crude oils that other refineries can not handle. Products are only for export, as Reliance is targeting the European diesel market and the U.S. gasoline market.

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