Port of Sunda Kelapa
Review and History

The Port of Sunda Kelapa is Jakarta’s old port. Located near the modern Port of Jakarta in the Penjaringan sub-district of the North Jakarta province of Indonesia, the Port of Sunda Kelapa and surrounding village are the historic base for the City of Jakarta.

Known by locals as Pasar Ikan (or “fish market”), the Port of Sunda Kelapa lies on the mouth of the Ciliwung River. In its former days, fishermen auctioned their catch at the old fish market every day, and the street leading to the port was lined with shops outfitting seamen and selling their non-edible finds. Over 500 years old, the Port of Sunda Kelapa is the 15th Century Pajajaran Kingdom’s economic link to markets in the outside world.

Port History

The Port of Sunda Kelapa was founded over 450 years ago on the site of an ancient pepper trading port. The modern Port of Sunda Kelapa was built in the early 1600s when the Portuguese established a trading post with the reigning Hindu Pajajaran Kingdom. Traditional sailing vessels still use the port, and the tall ships that anchor there still offer a wonderful sight.

It was from the Port of Sunda Kelapa that the Dutch colonial forces spread out across Indonesia. Remnants of the Dutch East Indies Company’s old fort and trading post can still be seen there today. Today, the Port of Sunda Kelapa is a fisherman’s wharf and inter-island port.

The modern city of Jakarta is the fast-growing capital of the world’s fourth largest nation. With a growing population of over 17 million people, the old world port has been replaced with a dynamic fast-paced urban metropolis.

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