Port of Banten
Review and History

The Port of Banten is located in Banten province, Indonesia, about 75 kilometers west-northwest of Jakarta. Located on west Java Island, Banten province was established after it was separated from West Java province in 2000. The Port of Banten lies on the island’s northwestern shores. Near the old city of Bantam, the Port of Banten has been an important national and international center for trade for more than 300 years. Traditionally, its main export was spices. Today, the port serves local industries that include machinery, chemicals, metals, and crude palm oil processing.

Banten Province was part of the Tarumanagara Kingdom in the 5th Century AD. Invasions weakened the kingdom, and the Sunda Kingdom took control of the region. During the Sunda era, the Port of Banten became one of its most important ports.

In the early 16th Century, a former vassal of the Sunda Kingdom, Sunan Gunung Jati from the Cirebon Sultanate, took control of the Port of Banten, establishing the Banten Sultanate. By this time, Islam had become the predominant religion of the region.

The first Sultan of Banten, Maulana Hasanudin, ruled from 1552 to 1570. In the early 17th Century, the Dutch established a colony in West Java. The Province of Banten was established in 2000.

The Indonesia Port Corporation II is the port authority responsible for facilitating traffic and providing wharves, terminals, storage facilities, utilities, and administrative services to the Port of Banten and other ports within its jurisdiction.

Through PT Portindo Dinamika, a state-owned corporation, the Portek Group holds concession to develop and operate the Port of Banten for 20 years. The Port of Banten specializes in handling containers, bulk, and general cargoes.

Facilities at the Port of Banten include a 200-meter quay with alongside depth of 15 meters and 3.5 hectares of container yards. The facilities have capacity to handle one million tons of bulk cargo and 200 thousand TEUs of containerized cargo.

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