Port of Mallorca
Review and History

The Port of Mallorca is located in Paseo Maritimo on the island of Majorca (or Mallorca), the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. The Marina Port of Mallorca is the most modern marina on the islands and is located conveniently in the center of the islands’ biggest and most popular city, Palma de Mallorca.

The island of Mallorca has been home to humans since the dawn of time. Archeologists discovered evidence of burials and habitation from the Paleolithic period (from 6000-4000 BC). Rome took the Port of Mallorca and the islands in 123 BC, and they founded the towns of Pollentia and Palmaria (Palma). Rome valued Mallorcan soldiers for their ability with the sling. At the time, cultivation of olives and vineyards and salt mining drove the local economy.

As Rome became weaker, the island was sacked by Vandals and made part of their kingdom in the 5th Century. In the 6th Century, the Byzantine Empire conquered it and made it part of their province of Sardinia. Under Byzantine rule, Christianity grew strong; however, Moors from North Africa began to attack the island in the early 8th Century.

When the Caliphate of Cordoba conquered Mallorca in 902, a new era began as the Moors introduced irrigation and new industries. Muslim rule continued until 1229 when King James I of Aragon invaded the island, bringing it into the Kingdom of Aragon and, later, into a joint dynasty with Castile.

The 18th Century War of the Spanish Succession brought a new unified Spanish crown, and the Balearic Islands were made a province of Spain. In 1983, the city of Palma was made capital of the Balearic Islands autonomous region.

Since the 1950s, tourism has changed the face of the island, the city of Palma, and the Port of Mallorca. The island of Mallorca has become one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, bringing tremendous change to the islands’ culture. Half a million people visited the island of Mallorca in 1960. In 2001, over 20 million tourists passed through the airport and port.

The Marina Port of Mallorca provides mooring points and services for recreational vessels from all over the world. In addition to services for yachts and other vessels mooring in the Marina, the Port of Mallorca offers dry docks where boaters can get their vessels repaired and maintained. The dry docks are located in Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, and Valencia.

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